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Jul 30, 2011 6:00pm PDT
to the big screen, video game it makes them take you more serious. other people who never done wrong that could have a better testimony. but because they key relate where i came from i can lead them back to talk to those people who are better, so i, yeah. >> he's been through the same situations, if not worse. i could trust him. easy to turn that page. >> get off the fence. every gang banger's going to prison or getting killed or something happened to ham families or friends. what's the worst? having aan okay life? >> in his own words. eugene jackson not only making headlines in the bay area for his work, he's featured in "time" magazine as well. you can read more of his story on our website >>> right now, we want to check in with someone mellower. nick, chilling a little bit? >> always chilling. you know it. looking at nice weather pattern for this coming week though there is one hiccup, possibly a couple thunder showers tomorrow afternoon. not for the golden gate bridge site of an iconic run, san francisco marathon. temperatures 60 degrees. temps held down bec
Jul 29, 2011 6:00pm PDT
big heart and even bigger spirit. >> some people offer to help you move. jim just did it. all of a sudden he shows up. if somebody was building a deck, jim was there. if somebody was needing gravel, jim was there. >> reporter: he worked as a construction worker until at the age of 40 he followed a calling. >> we don't get many people joining the department at 40, but jim really took to it. he always wanted to help people and he finally found a profession where he could help a lot of people. >> reporter: friends spoke of him pitching n ining in. it was in that same spirit on july 19th he went to help a friend who said she was stalked by an ex-boyfriend. the ex-boyfriend shot and killed mathison before he himself was killed by the woman's brother. >> when jim said he would give his life for you, he meant it. and jim would have had it no other way. >> reporter: he leaves behind a wife and two sons and legions of co-workers and friends he touched along the way. >>> well, the debt ceiling crisis continues in washington today. late this s could be belled together and imagined a bill that
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2